Human beings have two states of existence that is occupied at the same time. The First is the PHYSICAL Body (that moves through time and space) and the second is this unseen state what is known as the SUBTLE Body. The idea was that if we could map these subtle wheels in our body to the physical body then we can train them and become better at being a whole human being.

The ancient sages introduced us to the science of the human body having 3 channels a central channel, left and right channel. The channels run along either side of the spine and connect to the various glands and organs along the way. We have 7 main Chakras (energy centres) that we can control or work with through exploration and learning to achieve perfect health.  These are located at the base of the spine, sacrum, solar plexus, heart centre, throat, between the eyebrows and at the crown of the head. When our chakras or these energy centres are blocked or sluggish it affects the internal workings of our glands and as a result the accompanying organs, which are what, make us feel unwell or susceptible to illnesses. Chakras are the energy centres that allow the smooth flow of energy to move along our body when they are open we have perfect health but when we find they are closed or unbalanced we are prone to becoming ill. When all the chakras are balanced / open and aligned some believe that this is when the body mind and spirits are united reaching the superconscious state.

How do we keep our Chakras flowing and Balanced?
Like with any changes we want or need to make for ourselves we look at ourselves at our lifestyle. We look at our habits, food, drink, vices, work, home, relationships and the key is to be honest with yourself and not allow the ego paint an unrealistic view. The application of yoga and its surrounding practices can and have proven to alleviate physical and mental conditions and improve overall wellbeing. Each Chakra has therefore an association to all the things we need to consider to keep them open and flowing and balanced. So by applying the approach of exploration, questioning, learning –then we can notice when our Chakras are feeling a particular way and balance them again.

We do this by:

  • Taking time out and noticing
  • Understanding how our mind works
  • Recognising the emotional reactions to our thoughts
  • Nourishing our body with healthy foods and water
  • Keeping our physical and mental state clean
  • Practising Yoga asanas
  • Mediating for clarity and stillness
  • Practicing Pranayama (breathing exercises) which feeds / nourishes and balances our energy channels (Nadi’s) keeping Prana flowing.
  • Understanding each Chakra and all its associations.