FREE Taster – Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Tuesday 6-7pm with Toni

The Class
This floor based, deeply relaxing class is suitable for all levels and will release tension throughout the physical body, working on the connective tissue & fascia. The nervous system will be calmed with added breathwork and sound bath meditation, allowing you to let go of any stress or anxiety. There may be times when you are challenged with the long passive holds of the postures but your body and mind will be rewarded afterwards. Please bring your own mat, blanket and bolster (or 2 cushions) as no props are provided.

Your Teacher
Toni has been practicing yoga since 2003. She completed her Teacher Training with Yoga London in 2021. She is also qualified as Menopause Yoga, Yin Yoga teacher and Sound Healer. Toni’s style is accessible to all and encourages a true sense of self exploration. Her classes are infused with creative transitions and sequences taking you from movement to stillness.

What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga is a distinctive, floor-based Yoga style, where poses are held from a minimum of 2 mins and a maximum of 20mins. By deepening into the poses, and holding them for a prolonged periods of time the body is stimulated to open our energy channels and allow energy to flow freely unblocking any stagnant areas.
Yin yoga targets body’s deep connective tissue, called fascia along with ligaments and joints, while all other styles of yoga focus on the muscles. Stiffness in the body is usually created by the fascia and it is released through slow stretching. The meditative approach of Yin Yoga cultivates self-awareness and enhances genuine inner connection. It also teaches us how to breathe through discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Yin?

The connective tissue is lengthened –  When the fascia is underused, it becomes less elastic, which can be the reason behind aches and stiffness. By gently stretching these tissues, the fascia becomes elongated and stronger

Flexibility is improved – Better flexibility is achieved through elastic fascia and mobile joints, which is one of the key benefits to a regular yin yoga practice. It has been proven that fascia needs at least 120 seconds of sustained stretching to actually affect its elasticity. Therefore, the long holds of the poses in yin yoga are one of the most effective ways of improving flexibility and releasing tension.

Boosts circulation – More oxygen is brought to the body by breathing deeper into each pose and targeting the fascia, joints and ligaments. Blood flow is increased and circulation is boosted.

Stress levels are significantly reduced –  Many studies have found yin yoga to significantly lower stress, anxiety and risks of developing depression. By gently activating the parasympathetic nervous system, it calms the body and slows the heart rate

Who can practice Yin Yoga?

  • Yin Yoga is good for people who lead fast-paced lives and find it hard to relax. Yin Yoga brings a meditative counterpart and perfectly balances their lifestyles.
  • Yin yoga provides great starting point for people who would like to introduce more mindfulness and meditation into their daily living.
  • Yin yoga can be beneficial for people with injuries or people who are prone to developing osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • Menopause often changes women’s life in a way which brings lots of suffering and discomfort. Women experience many daunting symptoms which alienate them from the idea of exercising despite the awareness that keeping active is key at this age. Yin Yoga invites the notion ‘’Sometimes doing less, is more!’’ and explores the immense power of doing nothing.
  • Yin Yoga not only supports the physical body with its passive, still form, but also welcomes you to slow down and embrace the present.
  • Yin yoga can ease aches and pains, soothe the nervous system, regulate the body temperature, increase flexibility, supports the joints and embody self-awareness.
    If you have hypermobility Yin Yoga must be practiced with care using many props so you do not stretch up to your end of range.